Morning .

First of all, I'm very thankful to Allah because allow me to breath again. After do prayer subuh , I looked at mirror at say to my self . Your Are Awesome, Ain ! The WORD like a spirit in my daily life .

Back to the title ..

FINAL WILL BE COMING . Actually , I'm very nervous and excited . Eh ! You Nervous ke Excited ni ? hehehe . Both okay . Last 2 Weeks i'm very busy to complete my assessment . Need to follow up my lecturer and what the topic i'm was dismissed. Alhamdullilah , I'm do it better then past semester. I only missed 2 assessment because I follow Global Leadership Programme at ADTEC Batu Bahat . Thank you to my lecturer give change to me complete my assessment before they calculate the mark .

This semester(5) I only take 3 paper for final. The paper of final are Human Resource Management , Insurance and Takaful and Business Ethics . I think that 3 paper not killing my self but Insurance and Takaful very stress topic .I hope , I can answer properly that 3 paper . The paper will be on 22 October 2013 (HR) , 29th October 2013 (BUS.ETHICS) following 31st October 2013 (IT) . Before I forget . This semester I take MUET for my license continue study in degree. The MUET will be on 21st October 2013.

I wishing did better then past semester. Amin .

Wish me luck for this semester. Eh! Not just luck but is For My FUTURE. Thank you to my lovely parents always give me advise and spirit everyday . Also thank you to all my friend because support each other to complete out task .